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"SEO Hero" Wix contest – how will the regulations be interpreted?

Wix created a contest which, as many sources suggest, may declare a winner by interpreting the regulations in any way or not declaring it at all! Why?

SEO Hero - contest with unclear rules

We still do not know what motivated Wix in terms of organizing SEO contest and choosing such strange regulations.

In accordance with the rules of the contest, it is necessary for the participant to utterly comply with google guidelines for webmasters. The problem is that these guidelines forbid „fake” linking – because of which a judge is free to interpret it in any way.
Regardless of the above, 200 SEO specialists from all over the world have signed up (self-proclaimed SEO Heros). I must admit that this website has been created because of this contest.

Wix and SEO

It seems that the most popular website editor has difficulties in implementing an effective SEO for its customers.
Does it mean that they want to see how other specialists do it?
The rules of the contest assign such right to the judge who is undoubtedly associated with wix. The regulations state the requirement to return administration rights of google search console and analytics to this judge. This is to check if the given participant uses techniques referred to as Black Hat.
In theory it provies an access to data which may help Wix improve its SEO.

Is it worth 50 thousand dollars which allegedly is the prize in the contest?
Yes, it is worth even 500 thousand dollars or even more

Links a key to anything

According to Google guidelines for webmasters, adding any links intended to manipulate the ranking is forbidden.

Just have a look at the leading websites participating in the contest – all of them already have a few hundred links – are they going to be excluded from the contest?
Wix and the judge do not react. I sent a question to the judge and he answered that he was not authorized to give any answers.

I am sure that there are also other people who wonder about a small blast (automatic addition of links by one of the tools) from spammed (poorly rated by google) websites. As far as rules are concerned, this would exclude all participants from the contest.
At this point let's talk again about interpretation of the rules by the judge  - the questions will remain unanswered until a statement has been issued or first contest results have been published.

Google trends and sandbox

At the beginning of the contest Seo Hero there was another situation, interesting from the point of view of SEO.
A large number of websites and links concerning „SEO Hero” gave rise to a trend and most new websites put in the so-called sandbox.
In this situation 98% of the contest websites do not stand a chance of entering the top100. The only solution is time and effective linking and adding new content on websites.

SEO Hero Google Trends

Is there enough time to make search results get out of the sandbox? I don't think so, in 20 days from now there will be the first official contest position check.
Nevertheless it is an interesting case and we can take advantage of a good dose of data for analysis

Updated: 01-03-2017